Free Bike Hire Cheltenham

Rent a bike in Cheltenham for 30 minutes for free using a mobile phone with OYBike

Free Bike Hire Cheltenham

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From 1st July 2008, rental bicyles will be available at 14 docking stations in seven locations in Cheltenham during a two-month pilot scheme with OYBike.

Rent bikes in Cheltenham with OYBike

A total of around 30 bikes will be available for rent, with a mobile phone used to obtain the security code to take one of the bikes. Bikes can be dropped off any docking station, not just the station from which it was collected. When the bike is dropped off, a unique number is displayed on the docking station which must be SMSed back to OYBike to officially end the rental period.

To join up to the scheme (pre-registration required together with payment of a one-off £10 deposit) visit or call 0845 226 5751

Rental Charges

Bikes are free to rent for up to half an hour. After that charges kick in of up to £8 for a full day's rental.

Hire timeCost
0 to 30 minutesFree
31 minutes to 60 minutes£2
61 minutes to 120 minutes£4
121 minutes to 180 minutes£6
over 181 minutes (whole day charge – 24 hours)£8

Bike Pick-Up Points

* Junction of Cambray and the High Street
* Junction of Henrietta/St George’s Place and the High Street
* Top of the Promenade junction with Clarence Street
* Bath Road, outside the Exmouth Arms
* Promenade near the war memorial and the Municipal Offices
* Montpellier junction with Bayshill Road and Montpellier Street
* Waitrose
* Cheltenham train station

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