Cheltenham Allotments

Grow your own fruit and vegetables with an allotment in Cheltenham

Cheltenham Allotments

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Cheltenham Borough Council has over 600 allotment plots available with annual rents starting from as low as 15 pounds per year. Rent is discounted by 50 percent for senior citizens and their are discounts available for the first year for overgrown plots. Currently there are waiting lists for all allotment sites in Cheltenham - read on to find out how to get your name added to the waiting list.


You can find out more about allotment gardening with this introduction from, and read about holders' allotments by clicking here.

Allotment Sites in Cheltenham

There are nine local authority allotment sites in Cheltenham:
Alma Road
Asquith Road adjacent to Naunton Park
Hatherly Road
Hayden Road near Old Glos Road next to the nursery
Midwinter off Gardeners Lane, Swindon Road
Reddings Road
Severn Road off Severn Road
Terry Ashdown off Henley Road
Warden Hill on Warden Hill Road

Apply For An Allotment Plot in Cheltenham

If you would like to apply for an allotment plot in Cheltenham then simply click here and fill in the online form.

Article Published or Last Edited: 16:20, 10th Jun 2019

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